NARP Iranian Tourism Services Group (joint stock company)

Conducting tours of tourism and tourist arrivals and departures. Reservations inside and outside the hotel. Investing in the tourist sector. Providing tourist services.Seminars and …

Galactic Travel (limited liability)

Galactic Travel Company was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing travel services and offering products such as domestic and foreign flight tickets, domestic and foreign hotel reservations, hotel insurance, travel insurance, bus and train tickets and more. Started offline.

Tourism Bank (public corporation)

The Tourism Bank is a financial institution whose goal is to fully comply with the country’s monetary and financial rules and regulations, to maximize the long-term and long-term benefits for its shareholders by providing new credit and financial services throughout the country and in the future, abroad.


Semega (public corporation)


Iran-Semga Cultural Heritage & Tourism Investment Group (with the symbol “Semga” in Farabour) is the first specialized tourism holding, specialized parent company and executive arm of tourism finance group in the field of tourism and hotel.

Farin Gostar Faham (Private Limited)

Buying and selling shares of domestic and foreign companies, consulting on the design and implementation of various industrial and agricultural construction projects, construction and construction of sports recreational housing complexes, hotels, guesthouses and related facilities


Delfard Trade Development Company (Private Equity)

Design and implementation of all prefabricated concrete prefabricated structures such as: submersible tanks and offshore structures and crowding of settlements and airport structures. Import and export of related machinery and equipment

Tianyan Business Development (Private Equity)

The main area of activity of this company is to implement IT-based projects.

Aftab Foreign Company   (limited liability company)

Aftab was established in 2010 by a group of Iranian entrepreneurs to implement investment projects in the field of agriculture in the Republic of Belarus.