About Us

Faraz omran aryana Investment Company is one of Iran’s leading investment firms, with ownership of, or a controlling interest in, 11 subsidiary businesses across seven diverse sectors.

Our business model is focused upon effective management of our assets to enhance efficiency, drive value and create shareholder wealth.

Corporate Profile

Our ongoing success is based upon a number of fundamental pillars:

• Talented management team and motivated, highly-skilled human resources

• Active, engaged shareholders

• A well-balanced, diversified portfolio of investee businesses and financial assets

• Coherent 7-year strategic plan (2020) for expanding operations and growing shareholder value


Our overarching strategy is to continue to deliver strong balanced growth, and to maintain a diverse portfolio of interests aligned with our core expertise. With strong leadership that brings together the energy and dynamism of youth, plus the wisdom and insight of experience, our striving for growth is underpinned by robust corporate governance and prudent risk management.