About Faraz Omran Aryana

Faraz Omran Ariana Company (joint stock company) was Established in the 2010 and started operating. Company’s fixed capital Increased in 3 years to 15 billion rials and after 5 years in (2018) become to 200 billion riyals .The main business of the company is investment in various industries, and currently the company has invested in the financial tourism industry, building information technology, agriculture and commerce.


Achieve one of the top three multi-business investment companies in the country in terms of asset value by relying on national capabilities, management and human capital.

 Company goals

Promoting the value of a company’s assets in order to sustain and increase profitability

Becoming a Modern Corporate Model

Pivotal values

Fulfilling social responsibilities and adhering to professional ethics
Circular law (in terms of understanding, observing and enforcing) with an emphasis on stakeholder interests
Utilizing up-to-date knowledge and awareness and efforts to strengthen the knowledge-based economy


Fulfilling shareholders’ expectations of expected returns and cash dividends at the right time
Earn the highest possible return and use all your potential to improve the value of your assets.
Creating value and wealth in the context of cash return and added value from investment (focusing on creating value chains)
Providing long-term and sustainable profitability
Applying knowledge-based approaches to internationalization
Empowerment and development of human capital